Hire an Actual Lawyer for Your VA Claim

David Magann

Effective June 20, 2007, veterans are allowed to retain an attorney after the first denial by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) at the Notice of Disagreement stage.

Since the passage of Congressional Legislation in 2007 allowing Veterans access to an attorney once the VA claim has been denied, a growing number of Veterans finally have access to actual attorneys. The facts are that those who seek and obtain legal council will be more successful than an overworked NSO or VSO network who often have too close of ties to those in the VA to maximize a Veteran’s benefits.      

A lawyer will gather all of the information and paperwork, assemble necessary medical and service records and file your appeal. Lawyers can manage communications with the VA, attend hearings and represent you throughout the process.

We invite you to contact us immediately so that we can help to make the VA benefits application process much easier for you, and help to provide a much greater chance of success. Let us take the responsibility for managing your VA benefit application and claim so that you can focus your attention on your family, and resuming your life.


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