What do I offer you that my competition does not?

David Magann

What do I offer you that the competition does not? It’s a question easily answered in many situations and it’s something you need to think about.

1) Is the person a Florida Bar Licensed attorney? I am, but companies such as Binder & Binder, Allsup, Disability Experts etc. are not Florida Bar licensed attorneys.

2) Will you have a face to face meeting with your lawyer who will be with you throughout the entire process? I will, but law firms like Morgan & Morgan send, and shockingly so, clerks, yes untrained clerks, to a hearing with you. Not only is this morally wrong but appears to be a violation of the Florida Bar ethics rules.

3) Does your attorney or representative have a plan with you to get you the benefits you need? I will discuss with you the strategy of winning your Veterans Disability and any other claim. Believe it or not many of those aforesaid have no strategy to win, such as discussing your restrictions with your doctors, etc. Most of those above will lose marginal claims because there is no winning strategy. The catch is, how would you know if your case was difficult or not until it was too late, such as receiving a hearing unfavorable determination.

4) Has your attorney attended over 1,000 hearings? I have, if somone you are considering has not, you should factor in this obvious experience necessity. Often, you hear that the “firm” or “company” has experience but unless the actual attorney,your actual attorney, has experience the “firm’s” experience is pointless.

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